Staff and Leadership

Below are pictures of our church leaders and staff members.


Nigel Butcher   ChrisFry
Pastor - Nigel Butcher   Associate Pastor - Chris Fry

Elders and Deacons

David Bentley   Dave Cotton
Elder - David Bentley   Elder - Dave Cotton
Andy Walker   Chris Wyman
Elder - Andy Walker   Elder - Chris Wyman
    Dave Hore
    Deacon - Dave Hore

Church Staff

Nic Bianchi   Jayne Williams
Youth Leader - Nic Bianchi   Community Worker - Jayne Williams
Keith Williams    
Operations Manager - Keith Williams    


Phil Jacobs   Alison Aldridge
Safeguarding Co-ordinator - Phil Jacobs   Deputy Safeguarding Co-ordinator - Alison Aldridge

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